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How Vocal Leveraged Authentic Creators to Drive Conversions for Kettle & Fire

How Vocal Leveraged Authentic Creators to Drive Conversions for Kettle & Fire

Brand overview: Kettle & Fire is a bone broth and soup brand that prides itself on using high quality, sustainable ingredients. Kettle & Fire recognizes that in a health and fitness-crazed world, it can be difficult to find prepared meals and bone broths that are keto friendly, great for you, and delicious. So, they’re making it easier to enhance your meals and save time by offering subscription-based services, bundled deals, and a variety of ready-to-drink soups and broths.

Mission: To deliver the amazing benefits of bone broth to the world.

Audience: Customers are typically health conscious eaters but don't want to sacrifice great tasting foods to reach their health and fitness goals. They're usually the primary grocery shoppers of their household and frequently cook their meals from scratch. About 60% of Kettle & Fire customers drink bone broth straight from a mug while 40% use it as part of a recipe. Across the board, they fall into a 25-54 age demographic.

Campaign goal: To increase product awareness and sales on specific bone broth product lines.

The Kettle & Fire and Vocal for Brands Partnership Leveraged Branded Storytelling

Branded content is curated by a creator for a business partner, where the partner influences the content or is featured in it. Branded storytelling takes that a step further. Vocal’s creators help amplify the brand’s message and curate the brand narrative to the audiences that want to read their stories. Together, these elements help foster a brand-to-consumer experience that goes beyond traditional, interruptive advertising by building brand affinity, trust, connection and driving action.

We identified key Vocal creators across fitness, health and food communities that can speak to how Kettle & Fire bone broth has supported, and added value to, their lifestyle.

  • Message: Bone broth is not your average ingredient for whipping up dishes. It’s a nutrient-dense product that can serve as the foundation for many dietary needs.
  • Content: By partnering with curators unique to the Feast and Longevity communities on Vocal, we were able to amplify content that was authentic to Kettle & Fire, while protecting the reader’s experience with the creator and brand by ensuring the stories were reaching audiences in the right mindset to consume fitness and diet-related content.

Results-Driven Curation

Two stories were produced by experienced creators to establish why Kettle & Fire’s bone broth, keto bone broth, and keto soups are not just for those looking for a tasty meal. The creators for these stories are trusted resources in their Vocal communities and have a returning, loyal audience base. Both stories encouraged moving the audience through the conversion funnel, and included a Kettle & Fire discount to invite new users to purchase products across each line.

The Bone Broth Trend, Explained: Why I’ve Made Bone Broth a Pantry Staple,” by foodie and yoga instructor Savannah McKinley, focuses on the nutritional value that bone broth and the core product line provides when incorporated into a daily routine. The content is featured on the Feast community geared towards readers who are all around foodies.

How Meal Prep Can Keep Your Keto Lifestyle on Track,” by fitness influencer Blaine Strong, strikes the balance between fitness and wholesome nutrition. With a crafted message around the brand’s keto soups and keto bone broth line, this story is placed into the Longevity community, reaching those interested in overall health and wellness.

The strategically placed, timely stories were backed by the current climate; time of year and increased time spent at home during the summer of 2020 helped make this campaign a success. Especially in a time where audiences were finding new hobbies in cooking and fitness, and found themselves having more time to prioritize their health and meal prep, the creators selected for the campaign were able to tap into audiences who were particularly receptive to their messaging.

Native Stories from Real People

Placement is key in delivering a brand story. When creators share their experience with the brand on Vocal, the reader is met with multiple ways to learn about and engage with the brand. Now that the reader already trusts the creator as an authority in the space or industry, they are more willing to click on native media placed throughout the piece.

Readers are introduced to the Kettle & Fire partnership up-front, but are assured that the content is produced by a Vocal creator. The creators re-introduce the audience to the brand by sharing their own brand and product experience in a way that makes sense and is relevant. This allows for a more authentic brand story to be shared non-intrusively, while protecting the reader’s interaction with the brand and creator.

Now that the audience has been made acquainted with the brand, readers are encouraged to find out how delicious, easy and keto-friendly the products are for themselves through calls to action (CTAs). A product discount is shared within the content, making it easier and more enticing for readers to shop Kettle & Fire via a promotional offer.

Campaign Results

In all, the campaign resulted in 180 hours of audience attention spent engaging with the stories, resulting in a conversion rate of nearly 8%—almost 50% higher than the industry standard conversion rate for native advertising. In all, these metrics translated to a 200% return on investment for the brand after the completion of the 45 day campaign.

Partnering with Vocal for Brands gave Kettle & Fire the opportunity to connect with audiences at a time and place that made sense for them. Vocal identified the appropriate creators that would elevate and protect their audiences’ experiences with the brand. In turn, the audience responded by purchasing across the brand’s product lines after engaging with Vocal’s branded content (results based on a seven-day click, one-day view attribution window). Ultimately ,Kettle & Fire was successful in not only telling their brand story and communicating that bone broth is more than a staple ingredient, but getting consumers to try their nutritious and delicious products.

Stories work better than ads

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