Your brand has a story. Vocal can bring it to life.

Vocal is the most authentic, diverse, and impactful platform where marketers can partner with storytellers to create and promote their brand’s story.

Vocal for Brands Hero Image
Vocal for Brands Hero Image
We've partnered our creators with the world's leading brands

We connect brands             and influential storytellers to reach hyper-engaged audiences        for your brand.

What is Vocal?

Vocal is a storytelling platform for creators and their audiences

As the destination for original, authentic stories, Vocal is home to millions of multi-talented creators of all types, who share diverse, culturally relevant stories with their audiences.

We use the power of community, technology, and first-party data to connect brands with their target audiences through engaging and impactful storytelling.


Diverse creators.
Original stories.
Engaged audiences.

15 million highly-engaged readers use Vocal every month to discover authentic stories and get inspiration from creative thought-leaders.

Vocal Audience


Global reach from Vocal creators, on-and-off platform


Creators on Vocal


Average time engaging with Branded Stories on Vocal


Topic-specific communities

Branded Storytelling Experiences

Stop interrupting. Start inspiring.

Vocal for Brands pairs influential creators with brands to harness the power of great storytelling without interruption. We work with you to build custom, cross-channel assets for campaigns ranging from targeted content to large-scale brand awareness initiatives, and everything in-between.

Branded Stories

Our influential storytellers are skilled at bringing brands into their audience’s worlds through authentic, organic storytelling that builds affinity and drives conversions.

Vocal Branded Stories

Branded Challenges

Reach our entire creator community and create lasting brand affinity through branded challenges. Crowdsource user-generated content to leverage for your marketing campaigns, blog, emails, and more.

Vocal Challenges

Cross-platform distribution

Our cross-channel marketing approach to storytelling provides a consistent experience across platforms that builds off each other and amplifies the impact of your campaign. We do this by pairing our in-house creative team with our influencers to produce platform specific creatives that feel organic and native to your brand’s story.

We build hyper targeted audiences that deliver results through the power of influencer whitelisting combined with our first and third party data ad optimization.

Stories work better than ads

Ready to tell your brand's story with Vocal? Connect with us to get started.