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How Intimina used Vocal to access a hard-to-reach audience

How Intimina used Vocal to access a hard-to-reach audience

INTIMINA is a Swedish women’s health brand, which got its start on Kickstarter in 2016, offers a range of products dedicated to all aspects of women’s intimate health. They provide a comprehensive collection of products for women at every stage of life, from the first menstruation to beyond menopause. Their best selling products include the Lily Cup and the revolutionary Ziggy Cup.

Campaign goal

INTIMINA aimed to highlight their products and promotions to new and existing audiences, but found that traditional marketing and advertising was made difficult by ad restrictions that limited marketing around womens’ hygiene and intimate health.

Vocal for Brands’ solution

Vocal for Brands and INTIMINA partnered to create a series of unique branded stories spanning over a year’s worth of active campaign time. Each campaign story was conceptualized to promote a specific product in INTIMINA's line of reusable hygiene products, and bring awareness to the intimate and eco-friendly benefits of the line. Vocal enlisted authentic creators on the Viva community to create the content, which ranged from product reviews to educational content to raise awareness about womens’ health globally.

Each story was published on the community in Vocal’s network with the most applicable audience—Longevity, Vocal’s health and wellness community, and Viva, Vocal’s community for women’s lifestyle, both proved to have audiences that resonated with the stories. Each campaign story was pushed for promotion for a 30 day period, and optimized for the desired audience, the featured product, and campaign strategy. Staggering publication of the campaign stories and re-strategizing at the start of each promotional period offered the unique opportunity to take advantage of timely occurrences that were opportunistic for INTIMINA's products—occurrences like Amazon Prime Day, Menstrual Hygiene Day, or International Women’s Day proved to be effective timely topics to create educational and promotional content around.

The result

Vocal for Brands helped INTIMINA drive awareness and reach new audiences, effectively overcoming the obstacle of restrictions on Facebook and other platforms surrounding themes of women’s health. The ongoing campaign has generated over 125,000 reads in total so far, and has seen an average CTR of 3% on product-focused campaign stories—a rate that’s 12x the industry standard for branded content. With an average time on page of 2 and a half minutes, the story series has resulted in over 5,300 hours of engaged readership.

Partnering with Vocal for Brands gave INTIMINA access to topic-specific communities and authentic content creators that ultimately allowed them to reach audiences interested in women’s health. In bypassing some of the restrictions typical in traditional display advertising that menstrual hygiene and sexual health-centric brands often face, INTIMINA was able to educate readers without being forced to compromise their brand’s message.

Stories work better than ads

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