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How men’s wellness brand hims used Vocal to build awareness and recall for their products

How men’s wellness brand hims used Vocal to build awareness and recall for their products

hims is a men’s wellness brand that recognized a serious problem: Men are often discouraged from wanting to care about their looks or health, and 90% of men don’t feel comfortable talking to their doctor about these issues. So, hims created an online system of men’s health products that work to dismantle the stigma. They’ve made it easy to get private, convenient medical treatment and even prescriptions for common issues like hair loss and sexual health online.  

Campaign goal

In partnering with Vocal for Brands, hims aimed to raise awareness of their skin, hair, and sexual health products, particularly those that are difficult to advertise such as their prescription ED treatment, by taking advantage of the topic-specific audiences and high SEO value built by Vocal’s communities.

Vocal for Brands’ solution

Vocal for Brands paired hims with talented health and wellness creators, who created engaging and informative stories that educated a primarily male audience about personal care.

The stories each took a native approach to introducing hims’ results-oriented products, and targeted the applicable audiences for those products in a unique way. One of the creators offered a fun, educational take on the topic of “things men over 25 should know about their health,” which directly appealed to the health and wellness-interested audience on Vocal’s Longevity community. This story offered both general pieces of advice as well as product-specific information to create a native, helpful piece of content. Another creator on Humans, Vocal’s community for love and relationships, told a funny narrative about how hims’ sexual health products helped strengthen a long-term relationship; and a creator shared tips for effectively treating adult onset acne using hims’ complete skin system on Blush, our community for beauty and skincare.

The result

After the 90 day promotional period, the campaign surpassed the read count goal of 50K reads by 5,000, for a total of 55,000 reads across the three campaign stories. These stories saw a 2.6% click through rate,10x the average industry standard for branded content, and of that, a 2.4% conversion rate.

The campaign had a wide reach; across the 90 day period, the stories generated 1.6 million social impressions, and a total of 4,300 hours of engaged reading time spent on the content, resulting in active education related directly and indirectly to hims’ brand. Studies show that overall top-of-mind awareness for brands increased by 55% after engaging with branded content for just 20+ seconds; the highest engaged-with story in the hims campaign garnered an average time on page of over five and a half minutes, indicating not only that the content was engaging and helpful for readers, but also that the campaign successfully generated brand awareness and recall.

This campaign story in particular—which saw an engagement time 450% higher than the industry average—featured sexual health products, which are notably difficult to advertise due to social media’s content restrictions. By giving hims access to Vocal’s niche audiences and taking a storytelling approach to marketing, Vocal for Brands was able to raise significant awareness for even hims’ most difficult-to-promote products.

Stories work better than ads

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