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How Vocal helped pet nutrition brand Nom Nom build trust and engage an audience

How Vocal helped pet nutrition brand Nom Nom build trust and engage an audience

Nom Nom is a service that delivers high-quality fresh foods for cats and dogs directly to consumers. The brand promises "care-grade" food, prepared with human-quality meats and vegetables in small batches. Nom Nom customizes pets’ meal plans, pre-portioning meals based on unique needs like weight loss, skin conditions, and other dietary requirements to provide cats and dogs with the best possible individual nutrition.

Campaign Goal

In partnering with Vocal for Brands, Nom Nom aimed to connect with built-in audiences interested in animal care and pet health. By connecting with engaged pet-focused readers on Vocal, the pet food brand sought to raise awareness and trust for their brand and their product amongst their target consumer demographic.

Vocal for Brands’ Solution

For Nom Nom’s campaign, Vocal for Brands created three unique pieces of educational content to be shared on Petlife, Vocal’s community for animal lovers. The campaign was created to appeal to Petlife’s built-in niche audience and ultimately reach people already interested in and searching for stories about pet ownership and pet nutrition.

The three-story campaign consisted of consecutive stories, each designed to target a different level of the sales funnel and guide consumers through the campaign to end up making an educated, informed purchase. The first story published on PetLife, “How To Improve Your Dog's Health (When You Barely Have Time for Your Own),” sought to educate readers on overall pet health and call awareness to the problem that busy pet owners face; “Human Superfoods: Are They Good for Your Dog, Too?” served as a fun, SEO-friendly story that doubled as an informational guide while suggesting the benefits of the product; and the final story in the campaign, “This Veterinary Nutritionist-Formulated Dog Food Will Keep Your Pet Healthy,” was a review-style story intended to guide readers through to convert.

Because the campaign was strategized for awareness, all three campaign stories were published under a Nom Nom brand profile; this effectively improved brand recognition and lift by highlighting the brand’s name and logo, but also aimed to develop brand trust by positioning Nom Nom as a caring, informational authority in the pet health space.

The result

After a collective ten weeks of campaign promotion time, the campaign surpassed the read count goal of 30K by over 4,000 reads, for a total read count of 34,208. Across the three stories, the campaign saw an average time on page of 3:38, over 3x higher than the average industry standard engagement time for branded content.

The significant average time on page resulted in 2,092 hours of time spent engaging with the campaign stories, indicating strong reader interest and connection, and developing trust and awareness for Nom Nom’s brand amongst their target audience.

Stories work better than ads

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