Creating awareness to save the rainforest — Vocal and Soulstice partnered to create a successful branded content story to promote a new Kickstarter campaign.








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The Background

Soulstice is a conscious lifestyle brand that was created to raise awareness on the most pressing environmental issues facing the planet. Their mission: to help preserve one million acres of endangered rainforest, and in the process, create a movement of environmental advocates interested in forming a healthy and sustainable future for the planet. To begin this process, Soulstice created a Kickstarter campaign.

Campaign Goal

Soulstice aimed to leverage the Vocal audience to promote engagement, excitement, and pledges for its Kickstarter campaign, where every item sold would fund the protection of an entire acre of endangered rainforest.

“Working with Natasha and the Vocal Team was refreshing to say the least. I partnered with quite a few people in preparation for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign and Vocal was hands-down the most receptive to collaborative dialogue. When the first round of content didn't really light me up in the way that I felt it should, I mentioned it to Natasha and she had another writer take a stab at it. It was as if that person TRULY knew the brand story and mission, and was just as passionate about it as I was! It's rare you find partners that go to this length to ensure coherence on your vision.”

—Danny Blue, Founder of Soulstice

The Vocal Approach

Vocal and Soulstice partnered to create branded content using the most effective voice and tone to connect with Soulstice’s existing audience. Vocal’s popular travel community – Wander – proved a perfect fit for the Soulstice story. The one story campaign, “Soulstice's Kickstarter Campaign Gives You a New Way to Save the Rainforest, One Bracelet at a Time” aimed to provide eco-conscious readers with a detailed description of the Soulstice Kickstarter to better inform their understanding of the current state of rainforests and to give them a way to actively help.

The authentic review – which excels as both a natural recommendation on Social and an SEO-friendly search result for eager pledgers – presented the facts associated with Soulstice’s Kickstarter in an informative, entertaining, and actionable structure.

Soulstice's Kickstarter Campaign Gives You a New Way to Save the Rainforest, One Bracelet at a Time

Soulstice has teamed up with Rainforest Trust to bring us a way to help save the rapidly disappearing Amazon. Here's how you can help.

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Soulstice’s Kickstarter Exceeded Its Goal

The Soulstice Kickstarter fundraised $16,347 out of its $10,000 pledge goal in a 30-day campaign period.

The story drove product conversions.

With an ROI of over 128%, Vocal readers contributed 7.8% of total pledge funds.

Vocal paired Soulstice with the right creator to tell the story.

Vocal matched Soulstice with an existing creator on Wander; this travel influencer was an ideal person to promote Soulstice’s initiative.

The story provided a way for readers to get involved.

With relevant structure, links, and messaging, readers were encouraged to take action and participate in the Kickstarter campaign.

Soulstice’s branded story received record breaking CTRs.

During the 30 day story promotion, the Soulstice Kickstarter page received 24.41% CTR from the Vocal branded story. The average CTR for editorial branded content is .24%.

Vocal delivered the right content for Soulstice’s audience.

The story was informative, compelling, and engaging for Soulstice’s target audience, and the new audience powered by Vocal with Wander.

“With about 50 unique channels that were directing traffic to our Kickstarter campaign, Vocal came in as the 4th highest source of conversions. This greatly helped us achieve, and far exceed, our initial goal. I’m very pleased with the execution and looking forward to future collaborations!”

—Danny Blue, Founder of Soulstice

Key Takeaways

By partnering with Vocal for its Fall 2018 Kickstarter promotion, Soulstice drove awareness and conversions for its initiative to save acres of the rainforest. With 8k total views, 32 conversions, and a CTR of 24.41%, the branded content campaign successfully resonated with readers and informed their pledging decisions; creating a movement of environmental advocates interested in forming a healthy and sustainable future for the planet.

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