From skincare to storytelling— How Vocal increased product awareness and conversions for FOREO's UFO and LUNA.






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The Background

Founded in 2013, premier Swedish brand FOREO is the world’s leading provider of beauty tech products. Often described as the Apple of the skincare industry, FOREO has quickly grown from two employees to over 3000 in just five years, with more than 20 million customers worldwide. Short for “For Everyone,” FOREO exists to inspire self-confidence and deliver professional level solutions for all. Their best selling products include the LUNA facial brush, UFO, Espada, ISSA 2 toothbrush, and more.

Campaign Goal

FOREO aimed to promote its latest products, the UFO and LUNA fofo, to current and untapped consumers, by increasing awareness and driving excitement.

The Vocal Approach

Vocal and FOREO partnered to create a well-rounded branded campaign using the most effective content methods to connect with FOREO’s growing female audience. Vocal’s popular beauty and makeup community – Blush – proved a perfect fit for FOREO’s content. The two stories, I Tested The FOREO UFO and It Gave Me Skin That’s Out Of This World and I Tried The FOREO LUNA fofo And It Changed How I See My Skin, aimed to provide the audience with a detailed description of FOREO’s products to drive awareness in an authentic format and better inform beauty purchases, in the style of a review; while the timely story The Black Friday Roundup: 12 Beauty Investments You Need To Buy, capitalized on the social trend of Black Friday sales and featured FOREO’s products, in the style of a listicle.

The authentic stories – which excel as both a natural recommendation on Social and an SEO-friendly search result for eager buyers – presented the facts associated with FOREO’s best-selling products in an informative, evergreen, and entertaining structure.

Vocal delivered the right content to FOREO’s audience.

The stories were informative for FOREO’s current target audience, and the new audience powered by Vocal with its Blush community, providing readers with an authentic look at the beauty brand and its product line.

Vocal paired FOREO with the right creator to tell the story.

Vocal matched FOREO with an existing creator on Blush; this beauty influencer was an ideal person to promote FOREO’s products.

FOREO’s stories received above average CTRs.

During the stories’ promotion, FOREO website received an 8.4% CTR from Vocal’s branded stories, correlating to 3,062 qualified clicks to FOREO. The average CTR for editorial branded content is .24%.

The stories drove product conversions.

Partnered with FOREO’s affiliate program, the campaign drove product conversions within the promotional period. As potential FOREO customers continue to use the search query “FOREO UFO Review” or “FOREO LUNA fofo Review” in Google, the lifetime value of these stories for brand awareness, brand lift, and conversions is extensive.

FOREO further distributed branded stories across its own channels.

FOREO incorporated the content into its social postings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Multiple posts featured Vocal’s stories to a total reach of 787k.

FOREO’s Campaign Exceeded Its Promotional Goal

The branded content campaign’s initial goal included a Vocal read reach of 25k. The campaign exceeded this benchmark by over 10k.

Key Takeaways

By partnering with Vocal for its Winter 2018 campaign, FOREO drove awareness and conversions for its robust product line to new and existing audiences. With 36,500 reads, an average CTR of 8.4%, and an interactive female audience representing 97% of total engagement, the branded content campaign successfully resonated with Blush creators and readers.

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