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Tell your brand's story on Vocal

Vocal for Brands pairs your brand with real storytellers to create content that builds brand affinity, instills trust, and drives results.

We don’t click on banner ads, either.

We believe that the future of marketing is non-invasive. Traditional pop-up ads are interruptive, they're often perceived as untrustworthy, and they're ineffective for a modern audience: Over 25% of all internet users used ad blockers on their devices in 2019.
Instead, we partner your brand with authentic creators on Vocal to connect you with their organic audiences. Storytelling with Vocal for Brands reaches your customers without annoying them, helping you build brand trust and affinity.

Branded Stories

  • Authentic creators
    We'll give you access to the community of experts and thought leaders on Vocal, working with them to create unique stories that align with their brand, and yours.
  • Bespoke content strategy
    We'll work with your brand to create effective content concepts that will engage readers and build brand awareness.
  • Brand-friendly design
    We'll build out beautiful, media-rich pieces of content in line with your brand appearance, making for a consistent experience between the story and your site.

Sponsored Challenges

  • Native UGC
    Enlist our network of half a million content creators to create authentic stories inspired by your brand or product.
  • Branded Challenges
    We'll give all Challenge entries a home, featuring your logo and branding on the homepage, on all marketing materials, and even featuring your brand as a judge to select the winners.
  • Unique prompts
    Use your brand voice to inspire great stories—we'll work with you to develop Challenge prompts that raise awareness and spark creativity.

Sponsored Collections

  • Comprehensive content
    Complete branded story collections give us the unique opportunity to tell your brand's story from every angle, highlight all your products, and connect with your audience in a more recurring way than ever before.
  • Brand identity
    Branded collection pages and curated stories help us develop and enforce an identity for your brand as an authority in your industry.
  • Long-term storytelling
    Longer campaign engagements mean that we have time to develop and convey that brand narrative as your creative partner.
Success Stories

Brands trust Vocal to tell their story

Authentic, community-driven stories help showcase your brand to Vocal’s network of creators and readers.
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Vocal for Brands helps you tell your story to the right audience, while building brand affinity and trust, and driving results.