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Your brand, reaching the people who care about your product, at the time they're most likely to make a decision. That's a powerful audience.
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Who uses Vocal?

Bloggers, musicians, authors, photographers, podcasters—Vocal makes it simple for all types of creators to share their stories and connect with their fans.
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Interest-based audiences

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The right audience

  • Demographic
    Reach the most applicable customer for your products using Vocal's first-party age and gender data.
  • Location
    Target audiences based on where your product is available, or where your sales are highest, or regions you're trying to expand your reach.
  • Passion
    Leverage Vocal's unique structure to effectively engage segmented audiences based on interest and behavior.
Vocal right audience

The right mindset

  • Platform
    Draw in audiences to your campaign on Vocal from the third-party platforms they're most active on.
  • Topic
    Tell authentic stories to audiences when they're already engaging with related content and are most receptive to your brand's messaging.
  • Organic reach
    Native campaign stories double as natural recommendations on social and SEO-friendly search result for potential buyers.
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Vocal for Brands helps you tell your story to the right audience, while building brand affinity and trust, and driving results.